Life Behind Bars: Volume 1 - eBook

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Life Behind Bars

By: Julian Starks


About the Book

The most comprehensive photographic study to date of animals in captivity, Life Behind Bars, examines exotic and endangered animals and the necessity of their captivity for their own protection, and that of their species. It is a very real risk of many species becoming extinct in the shockingly near future is highlighted in short, informative texts. Julian Starks has travelled all over the United States to institutions ad sanctuaries to document these stunning creatures that are no longer threatened but living full, happy lives.


About the Author

Julian Starks started his non-profit, Visions of the World, with the mission to raise awareness, change perceptions, educate, and support those who need representation. While creating this book, it was an important goal for Starks to support the wild animal sanctuaries and institutions that protect and preserve endangered species. A portion of the proceeds of Life Behind Bars book sales and associated merchandise will go directly to these institutions.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review