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Life and Love

By: Erik Braum

About the Book

This collection of poetry shares stories of life and love as Erik Braum (the pen name of Frederick “Erik” B. Nelson) has lived and witnessed it. By baring his soul, not only will you come to know Braum, you will learn more about your own joy and hurt in this world.

Braum’s poems have a clear message: promise of forever love, odes to lost friends, and mourning the disappearing beauty of nature. With gentle words and evocative images, he captures everyday moments we all identify with. Honesty is key to forging a true connection with others. In these words you will find a kindred spirit.


About the Author

Erik Braum (the pen name of Frederick “Erik” B. Nelson) is of Scandinavian ancestry. He holds degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and served on the faculty of The University of Louisiana at Lafayette most of his adult life. Because of his many talents, he has been called “A Renaissance Man.” He has created poetry with which one can identify, evoking expression to one’s inner most thoughts. Simplicity in life is his basic philosophy. The preservation of nature and the ecosystem are his most avid causes. Most who read his poetry say that he writes about subjects that they have not been able to put into words for themselves. His poetry touches the heart and stimulates thoughts and emotions about many topics that people experience as they live life.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review