Levels of Care for Welfare of Its Employees - eBook

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Levels of Care for Welfare of Its Employees
by Dr. Hilton Bullard

Levels of Care for Welfare of Its Employees provides information to readers concerning various levels of care demonstrated by the employer for welfare of its employees. The theme, though, of levels of care exhibited, is really for the benefit of employees! Because much attention is placed on maintaining certain levels of productivity, subsequently profits coupled with enhancing levels of customer care, this may suggest the underlying benefit is for the employer.

During tenure in the workplace, many employees are heard asking if the employer really cares for their welfare. It seems to be the norm for employees of various entities not to receive a share of profits, hence a concern for many employees. However, the employer does offer its employees many other benefits, together with other acts of care for their welfare. It is therefore imperative for readers to recognize and appreciate many levels of care demonstrated by the employer for its employees. Readers may also be inclined to explore avenues with a view of developing the whole man.

About the Author:

Dr. Hilton Bullard is actively involved in helping to build strong and vibrant communities, together with promoting spiritual lives of many people. Being an officer of various associations, serving as treasurer, this allows him to become involved in promoting the welfare of various communities. Dr. Bullard finds it a pleasure “giving back” by being involved in community building.

From a spiritual perspective, being a minister of the Gospel, Dr. Bullard endeavors to preach the Word of God with a view of enriching lives of people spiritually. There are, of course, other special interests of this writer, as follows: reading, travelling, cooking, and fishing. Dr. Bullard is a member of the Zion Baptist Community and worships at Zion Yamacraw Baptist Church, Nassau, Bahamas, where he serves as an associate minister.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review