Letters Home from a B-17 Bomber Pilot in World War II: John J. Cunningham - killed in 1944 at the age of 22 - eBook

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Letters Home from a World War II B-17 Bomber Pilot

By: Diane Robinson


About the Book

Letters Home from a World War II B-17 Bomber Pilot is a collection of letters written by author Diane Robinson’s uncle before he perished in a bombing raid over Brux, Czechoslovakia. His writings demonstrate the courage and bravery of those fighting for our country. Anyone with an interest in World War II will enjoy a personal look into the life of John J. Cunningham as he enters pilot training, his feelings on being a soldier, and his allegiance to his country.


About the Author

Diane Robinson is one of six and lives next to her older sister, with most of her siblings living out-of-state. She enjoys knitting, gardening, drawing, writing, and is an avid reader of a plethora of genres; although, her primary interest is in political works.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review