Legally Drugged: Ten Nuthouse Hospital Stays to $10 Million

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by Rich E. Rich Schneebberg Legally Drugged is the story of a Brooklyn boy who becomes a successful real estate investor but not without some major obstacles along the way. Richard Schneeberg tells his own harrowing yet ultimately triumphant true story. When Schneeberg is hospitalized for depression/insomnia and malaise, he is given antidepressants, which cause him to hallucinate, become manic, and even become suicidal. He loses his marriage and custody of his child. A former teacher, his hospitalizations also left him jobless and homeless. But through shrewd business investments he becomes a multimillionaire, owning some of the most desirable real estate in the country. Its a story of one mans journey from the nuthouse to the penthouse. An outspoken advocate of non-drug therapies for the mentally ill, Schneeberg makes a case that antidepressant medications are overused and points out that they can sometimes cause more problems than they solve. Richard Schneeberg is a real estate broker and owner of Rich E. Rich Realty and Tycoon Realty LLC. He is an activist for the rights of the mentally ill and has spoken out against the use of medication to treat mental illness. Schneeberg has a master of arts degree in counseling and is an author and screenwriter. (2006, paperback, 160 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review