Leadership in Managing Facilities: A One-Year Journey - eBook

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Leadership in Managing Facilities: A One-Year Journey

By: Richard P. Payant, DBA, CFM, CPE


About the Book

Most facility management books provide information on planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling. This book is different. Leadership in Managing Facilities provides the same information in story form. The book focuses on real-life experiences, provides tips, and summarizes how to be successful in this profession.

New facility managers should understand the organization’s physical plant must operate efficiently, be capable of adapting to change, and operate in a cost-effective manner. Facilities must meet health, safety, and legal requirements.

The appendices in this book provide examples of a facility manager’s operating and management philosophy, format, and listing of the types of policies and procedures that FM departments should have as a minimum, and an example of Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives for an FM department.

Leadership in Managing Facilities is written by a facility manager for practicing and aspiring facility managers, property managers, and public works directors. This book should be used as a companion book to other more technical FM books because it provides real-life examples. This is an FM book that should be in every facility manager’s FM library.

(2023, ebook, 196 pages)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review