Lane's Theories

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Lanes Theories
by James E. Lane

Lanes Theories exposes the frackers for what they area group of treasonous greedy individuals. The Sons of Liberty would roll in their graves if they saw what destruction frackers reap over communities and the ecosystem.

Lanes Theories simplifies Earth Science and geography and frankly explains how fracking is disrupting these systems and negatively impacting Earth and her occupants. He argues frackers should be held accountable to the full extent of the law.

About the Author:

James E. Lane is a life-long resident of Ohio. He grew up in the Summit/Portage area. He still resides there with his beautiful wife. He has helped to raise her two daughters. James and his wife now have two grandsons and an abundance of family and friends.

The author works for the school district at Theodore Roosevelt High School in the Tree City area of Kent, Ohio. Go Rough Riders!

(2016, Paperback, 42 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review