Lake Girl Chronicles: Every Girl's Story - eBook

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Lake Girl Chronicles: Every Girl's Story

By: Randy Agness & Gwen Toma


About the Book

Lake Girl Chronicles is a delightful story about a little girl’s childhood adventures growing up on a lake in New York. Charming, sweet and spirited, Lake Girl Chronicles is told through a child’s voice from her diary. The story comes alive through bold and colorful illustrations, drawing the reader into a child’s life at the lake.

‘Lake Girl’ is curious, adventurous and adorable. A true free spirit, Lake Girl loves to explore while embracing life on the lake.  Whether she is plotting a run-away from home or skipping along the pier, she has a keen wanderlust and can’t wait to capture her day on the pages of her diary.

Independent and fearless, Lake Girl loves her family and her time spent with them. July 4th Fireworks at the lake are sweeter with Mom, Dad and her two brothers. Sunset boat rides are super fun with Dad at the helm, Mom’s delicious sandwiches, and fishing with her brothers off the back of the boat. Of course, Lake Girl always keeps pace with the boys in every way! She is known to lure the biggest fish, drop a ski while water skiing, and run away with the football. Season to season, summer through winter, Lake Girl seizes every day to the fullest in her backyard on the lake.


(2023, eBook)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review