Katie's Secret

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Katie's Secret
by Bridgette Bannick

Katie, a five-year-old fairy, has an important secret. She shares the secret with her closest friend, Margiebut Margie only laughs at her. Katies feelings are hurt, and she goes in search of someone who will take her secret as seriously as she does. On the way, she has an adventure that shows just how strong and important she isno matter what anyone else thinks.

Katies Secret is a fun story with a timeless message about friendship, feelings, and self-worth. Young children will identify with Katie, the little fairy who learns a big lesson, and they will delight in the fanciful illustrations. Share Katies Secret with a child in your life, and tell them just how important they are.

About the Author

Bridgette Bannick is a high school senior from Missouri. She wrote Katies Secret in seventh grade. In addition to creative writing, Bridgette enjoys playing the piano and volunteering as a naturalist at the Burr Oak Woods Nature Conservation Center. This is her first book.

(2010, paperback, 34 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review