Katherine Oak and the Lantern of Irinial

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Katherine Oak and the Lantern of Irinial
by Eileen Ann OReilly

Kat was just an ordinary girluntil Serenity, a beautiful creature who calls herself a Good Nature Being, shows up inside a bubble in Kats backyard. Though Kat thinks shes dreaming, she cant help but take a message of hope from Serenitys mission: to plant goodness upon the planet. Together with her twin brother, Devon, Kat is thrown into a whirlwind adventure involving a side world, thought forms, and a host of divine creatures that she never had the courage to believe existed. A supposed child of the side world with extraordinary powers, Kat joins the quest for the good of all life forms in any place and time. When her parents are thrown into this new world too, Kat soon finds herself fighting not just for everything shes ever known, but much that shes never believed inuntil now.

(2011, paperback, 74 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review