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by Albertine Dolores Beacham

World War II changed their lives.

Julian and his brother, Antoine, like so many other American farm boys, rush to enlist as war breaks out. Action, boredom, decency, betrayal, physical and mental injury, and finally returning to a home that isnt quite the way they left itheres the story of two who went to war as boys and came home men, and the girls they left behind them.

About the Author

Albertine Dolores Beacham, born in Rigolets, Louisiana (about fifty miles from New Orleans), has been living in Columbus, Georgia, for the last fifteen years. Widowed, she has brought up five children and written two books (Jasmine and Poetry from Past to Present)enough to keep anyone busy. But Albertine Dolores Beacham isnt one to sit back on her laurels. She has been a member of the Columbus Artist Guild for over forty years, and as well as college classes, she has attended both art school and novel writing school. Along with reading and writing (of course!), she likes joining friends for dinner and outings, playing games, and watching movies.

World War II was a current event for me, she says. Ill never forget the blackouts in the city, air raids, rationing...the shouting, hugging when the war was overI was fourteen when it started.

(2009, paperback, 140 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review