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By: Amy L. Morgan

About the Book


Wildfires rage. Droughts and earthquakes run rampant. Flooding and tornadoes consume. Climate change has brought the Earth to its knees. Are we living out Armageddon? Has man gone too far? Is our world beyond repair?  
In Judgement, Percy lives a fairly uncomplicated life. She keeps to herself, and she keeps her wine drinking to the weekends—mostly. She avoids personal relationships of all kinds, not understanding their nuances. Her troubled childhood haunts her dreams, but when a handsome hire starts at her school, all the crazy storms and her memories converge. Can Percy bring herself to complicate her life and save humanity? With help from a few others, there might be hope.

About the Author

Amy L. Morgan is a book editor turned hairdresser turned author. As a successful hairdresser, Amy hears all sorts of stories and has developed what (she thinks) is an uncanny sense for truth and the human condition. Using both her degree in Writing and her interactions with people from all walks of life, she poured her findings into her fantasy novels. An avid animal rescuer, Amy lives in Houston with her amazing husband and an undisclosed number of dogs.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review