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Journey of a Lawman

By: Robert Sobba


About the Book

Reading this book makes it easy to understand why Robert Sobba had such a successful law enforcement career. His passion for justice and true concern for the rights of victims shows through in every chapter. This book is his way of reminding us of the voices of those victimized.

Chris Allgood (retired Caldwell Police Chief)

Based on Robert Sobba’s excellent record as an officer and police chief, when I was elected governor of Idaho, I appointed him as the Director of the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement. Robert was dedicated to public service and professionalism during that time. I recommend his book to anyone interested in getting a unique look inside of police work.

Phil Blatt, Former Idaho Governor

During my career in law enforcement, I often had the pleasure of working with Chief Robert Sobba. Robert’s account of his years in police work will prove an informative and entertaining book.

George Nourse, former Canyon County Sheriff


About the Author

Journey of a Lawman traces the forty-year career of Robert Sobba, from his humble beginnings on a Kansas far to the Idaho Statehouse. His book is filled with intriguing stories of human interest. Beginning in the 1970’s, as a Boise Idaho rookie patrolman and then a dedicated detective, Robert’s journey as a committed lawman took his career to neighboring Caldwell, Idaho, where he served as police chief and later on city council. He also served as the director of the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement.

Along the way, he recorded the frustrations and rewards he experienced while dealing with all aspects of criminal behavior. He brings to life many stories that enlighten the reader – sometimes humorous, often tragic – all of which give insight into the Journey of a Lawman.


(2021, eBook)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review