Joker the Flying Dog

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Joker the Flying Dog
by D. Hesse

In a land where dogs could fly, there happened to be the first dog born of black color, along with its big fluffy tail.

As this had never happened before, everyone wanted the dog. The rule in this place and time, however, do not let people choose their dog, or even their cats; instead, dogs choose their owners!

So the dog gets to pick its owners, who feel truly lucky to have this wonderful dog fill their days with happy things. Of course they brushed and groomed her, as every loving pet owner should, but for that, the children couldnt be happier taking free rides on the dog, who now they call Joker.

About the Author

Joker the Flying Dog started as a bedtime story for retired D. Hesse, who lives in Arizona. She takes heart to the plight of abandoned and abused animals among animal shelters, especially cats and dogs, finding herself crying over them. From this experience, she found herself fostering six little dogs, and is convinced more people should do the same.

(2012, paperback, 28 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review