JB Mack Presents: Luscious Encounters

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JB Mack Presents: Luscious Encounters

By: J.B. Mack


About the Book


JB Mack Presents: Luscious Encounters is an eclectic book of short stories. Each story is unique, steamy, and very sensual. The stories all delve into the lives of different characters and their romantic, salacious, and carnal desires. Each story also has a unique twist that will keep the reader’s interest until the very end. Throughout the book, the viewpoints change from first person to third person to give the reader a better sense of the characters’ thoughts and the world around them as their luscious encounters occur.


About the Author

J.B. Mack was born in Memphis, Tennessee, where she also currently resides. She has always had an interest in writing and sharing her stories with others. Mack also encourages others to write the stories that they come up with and share them with the world. JB Mack Presents: 

Luscious Encounters is her first published book.


(2022, paperback, 126 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review