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by Albertine Dolores Beacham Jasmine, a rebellious seventeen-year-old, is in love with Kirk Lanera. When she becomes involved with him and his friends, who pull pranks and cause trouble, she is disowned by her parents and forced to leave her house. With Kirk, Jasmine leaves her family and travels to New Orleans, where Kirks longstanding sexual advances become more persistent and culminate when he rapes Jasmine. When she refuses to have sex with him again, he abandons her, leaving her to roam the streets on her own. Starving and exhausted, Jasmine collapses after several days on her own. She is discovered by Charles and Julia, a kindly older couple who take her in and nurse her back to health. To help support herself, Charles, and Julia, Jasmine gets the first job she can: as a prostitute at The Elite, a brothel that is disguised as a fancy restaurant. She gains instant status upon her arrival and makes many friends, and she even falls in love with and marries one of her clients: Jeffery Blake. Will The Elite ever succumb to the many police raids? Will Jasmine ever see her parents or her brother again? These questions and more are answered in the final pages of Jasmine, a classic rags-to-riches tale. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Albertine Dolores Beacham is a native of Louisiana but currently lives in Georgia. She has five children: Yvonne, Bonnye, Kim, Clayton, and Tanya. Ms. Beacham is a member of Columbus Artist Guild, and she enjoys writing, reading, playing games, and spending time with friends. She is also the author of Poetry from Past to Present. (2008, paperback, 218 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review