Jaredo's Day Off

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Jaredo's Day Off

Jaredo's Day Off

by Bekki Kai Holtz

Sometimes we just dont want to do what we know we should, whether it be eating our vegetables, cleaning our rooms, or even going to school. And sometimes well even tell fibs to avoid doing these things, never thinking of the consequences of our actions. Young Jaredo is one such little boy who would much rather be playing video games or watching television than attending school, so he concocts an award-winning performance to convince his mother he is sick. His sympathetic mother sends him back to bed to rest, promising him orange juice after his nap. However, the sight that greets him upon awakening is the last thing he expected, and the hilarious results of his acting teach him a sound lesson about lying to his wise mama!

About the Author

Based upon the true experiences of her little brother, Jared, Bekki Kai Holtz first penned Jaredos Day Off in a creative writing class in college. Presently residing in South Euclid, Ohio, with her husband, Bekki is a writer, educator, and fitness instructor. In her spare time she enjoys writing, traveling, reading, dancing, and exercise. (2002, paperback, 30 pages)