Jackie & Lulabug: Ride the Range with Ronney - eBook

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Jackie & Lulabug: Ride the Range with Ronney

By:  Beverly Loverin


About the Book

Jackie and Lulabug the ladybug are best friends and they like to go on adventures together. Join them, along with Ronney the horse, and you too will find happiness and enjoyment in their adventures.


About the Author

Beverly Loverin is also a country music songwriter and wrote and produced an album for her daughter, Justine "JT" Loverin, who is a singer, writer, and new mother. Beverly enjoys her family and friends, riding horses and roping, the great outdoors, cooking, travel, playing bridge, learning new languages, world history, the arts, meeting new friends, and learning interesting things.

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(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review