It Happened

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It Happened

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It Happened
by Rachael

It Happened chronicles the epic challenges and episodes of abuse suffered by several generations of Rachaels family. The authors mother, Isabelle, was born to socially dysfunctional alcoholic parents, and she would often be reduced to begging the neighbors for food to feed her siblings as she tended them alone. Her mother and father spent nearly every night at the local pub, then bringing home a litany of drunken men of nefarious intent, the result of which was the female children in the household being sexually abused.

Remembering very little love or affection, Rachael endeavors to create a nurturing and positive home for her own children to be raised. Despite many trials and tribulations, it appears the author has succeeded in this most noble goal.

About the Author

Rachael lives in the United Kingdom with her four children. She enjoys reading, working on the computer, and participating in creative work with her son.

(2009, paperback, 110 pages)