Is Having a Boyfriend Really Necessary?

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Is Having a Boyfriend Really Necessary?
by Jane Grahl

This is the story of Sarah, who is fourteen years old. She is pressured by her friends to have a boyfriend. Sarah only likes one boy, Devon, but Devon only likes her as a friend.

Sarah is very levelheaded and knows what she wants out of life, but all that is twisted upside down when a new boy comes to her school and chooses Sarah for his girlfriend. Throughout the story, Sarah struggles to maintain her goals, but she stays true to herself.

About the Author

A graduate of UNC at Charlotte with a degree in business, Jane Grahl and her husband, William, have two children: Scott and Kimberly. Jane enjoys reading, writing, working with children as a foster grandparent, and spending time with her granddaughters. She is currently working on three other novels.

(2010, paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review