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About the Book

Intuitive Ramble is a collection of poetry that talks about Nelle J.’s experiences from young adulthood to the present, relationship experiences that deal with love, lust, anxiety, freedom, rebellion, heartache, and triumph. This collection is unique because it appeals to both sexes and evokes relatable feelings that are experienced when meeting someone for the first time, an old or new love, and even marriage. Situations are limitless.


About the Author

Nelle J. was born and partly raised in Conway/Myrtle Beach, SC, and then later moved to Atlanta, GA. Her alma mater is Georgia State University. Although she is a poet, she also educates the youth. She has taught for seven years and counting. Writing poetry is therapeutic for her and allows her to express her feelings in a rhythmic way. She loves writing, teaching, art, music, and exploring what life has to offer. 


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review