Inspirational Short Stories

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Inspirational Short Stories
by Anita R. Gunter

Inspirational Short Stories is a compilation of anecdotes by which the author seeks to show others the love of Jesus Christ toward us. To quote Ms. Gunter, while yet we were sinners, he loved us enough to die for us and forgive our sins.

Gunter credits her heavenly Father as the author, while she was but the instrument to put pen to paper. These tales inspire hope in the midst of some very daunting circumstances, which we may not understand at the time, but are a part of Gods plan for us.

About the Author

Ms. Gunter is a native of Missouri currently residing in Del City, OK. She is the mother of two grown sons, Jeremy and Joseph.

Her hobbies and interests include art, music, writing poetry and stories, fishing, hunting, and sports.

(2011, paperback, 52 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review