Insights/Foresights: Epic Poetry in Motion

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by Kenneth Musser Insights/Foresights: Epic Poetry in Motion is a vivid rhyming and writing of epic poems by poet Kenneth Musser. Mr. Mussers views are both avant-garde and about the future of cosmic space developments. He presents insights and foresights into the possibilities of the future of mans future habitat: huge astro-bio-cyber-technological systems and developments in the man-made robotic space station galaxies that be. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A graduate of Fair Lawn Public Schools in New Jersey and Hope College in Holland, Michigan, the author also holds a masters degree from Michigan State University. Kenneth Musser currently resides in Pennsylvania, where he devotes much of his time as an author, designer/inventor, poet, and songwriter/lyricist. Insights/Foresights is the authors twenty-first book published. (2008, paperback, 44 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review