Inner Workings

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Inner Workings

By: Camern Greene


About the Book

This book represents years of compiled poetry -

detailed accounts of Greene’s personal battles and triumphs with his mental health. They are the stories and experiences that no one really ever wants to talk about, but they need to be heard regardless. By sharing the less savory accounts of his past and present, Greene hopes to achieve two things. One, to start conversations about how to deal with or help those with mental illness. And two, to let others know who may be reading the poems that they are not broken things needing to be fixed or shame that must be locked away.

About the Author

Camern Greene was adopted from Siberia at a young age, along with his biological cousin who became his adopted brother. He has been a youth activist for peace and social justice. A leader of the LGBT+ club in high school, he helped implement the first gender-neutral homecoming court for the school, as well as gender-neutral bathrooms.


He went to college to become a Licensed Professional Counselor and hopes to work in the field of adolescent psychology.


(2023, paperback, 36 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review