Inner Reflections

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by Larry Gene Burgin Inner Reflections is a mind-boggling masterpiece that will take you on an intricate journey that defies everyday logic. Larry Gene Burgin proceeds beyond the limitations and borders set by others and helps us to explore religion, truth, and ourselves. Designed to promote personal growth and development, this book will take you to higher dimensions in your faith and thinking. It is the first of its kind to bring the teachings of individualism, religion, and social order together under one umbrella. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Larry Gene Burgin was brought up in the church, which is where he began his lifelong search for truth and liberty. Since he was raised a Christian, God became his aim and search as the final solution in his quest to find and unravel lifes mysteries. He realized his journey wouldnt stop in the church, because he was limited by others who were content with just their church and position. He searched out the answers to the questions that challenged both his faith and his personal limitations as taught by his peers. Burgin knew this was only a stepping stone, but it was certainly not the last step in his ongoing climb upward. (2007, paperback, 70 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review