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By: Sherry Dellaria-McGrath

About the Book

Nature and whimsy come together to inspire this special collection

“I have always wanted to share my visions with the world since I was a child growing up in rural N.J.”

“I hope my work gives the viewer as much pleasure as it gave me to create it. I find art to be emotionally

healing and in some ways, creating it was a way of healing for me.”

“I don’t paint because I want to—I paint because I NEED to.”.

About the Author

Sherry Dellaria-McGrath was born in Trenton, NJ in the Spring of 1963 and was raised there until the age of seven when the family moved to the rural area of Mansfield Twp., NJ. That’s where Sherry’s appreciation and love for nature grew and became the inspiration for her work. She began drawing at an early age and tried many mediums but ink was and still is her favorite. She studied art in high school, taking all the classes that were offered and went on to study Advertising Design at Mercer County Community College. After years of job changes and raising a child, Sherry decided she needed to get back into the ‘Art World’. She practiced honing her skills while finding ways to promote her work and pave the way for a professional career.

                Sherry resides in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey with her husband and four cats and currently does volunteer work for the Burlington County Art Guild, Inc., as their publicist and newsletter editor. Sherry is a member of other art organizations in the area and exhibits in various shows and has received numerous awards. She works out of her home, MOON ART Studio and has an online shop with VIDA, an e-commerce site manufacturing custom-made apparel and accessories with Sherry’s designs.

(2019, hardback, 66 pages)


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