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In a Split Second

By: Catherine Rosch

About the Book

In Catherine Rosch’s book, she shares the journey she and her husband have experienced. After her husband has a tragic fall while on the job, suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury, their lives are changed forever in a split second. Rosch shares the daily struggles and the dark times her family has had to fight through.

After giving it their all and overcoming the difficult challenges, Rosch hopes that her husband’s struggles and inspiring story will give hope and courage to others suffering from a traumatic brain injury.


About the Author

Catherine Rosch is a first-time writer with a very optimistic personality. This book holds much value to Rosch and has been a type of therapy for coping with her husband’s Traumatic Brain Injury. Rosch enjoys spending time with her granddaughter.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review