I'll Never Let You Go

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Ill Never Let You Go
by Maria, Patrick, and John Marzitelli

They hardly ever come as rare as Patrick anymore; as firstborn and first among many things, he would find a place in everyones hearts and make sure he stays there.

From the age of two, he streaked into life and made sure he had the details right, from his love of cars, trains, even such things as real estate. He simply took everything into heart, while showing a depth of kindness hardly approached by people above his age.

His ways made sure that his beloved parents, his girlfriend, Tessa, and all his friends must make their lives as if he would always be a part of themeven when the end has come for his own life. He would stay, because there is just no other way for him, even in the place he finds himself now.

About the Authors

Maria, a respiratory therapist, is married to John, a CPA and a small business owner. Although a native of Wisconsin, Maria and her husband have spent the better part of twenty-two years in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Their children are Jake, Jordan, and Matthew. Ill Never Let You Go tells the striking story of their unique relationship with their eldest son, Patrick.

(2012, paperback, 76 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review