I Would Gladly Meet You Half Way If I Knew Where To Start - HB

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I Would Meet You Half Way If I Knew Where To Start

By Jerry Manukin

Set up in the style of a journal, Jerry Manukin shares letters that he has written to himself that are meant to inspire all. Through his letters, Manukin asks to bring God back into your life so happiness and fulfillment. With letters from the heart, Manukin’s words will inspire you to sit back and reflect on your choices and how to improve your faith.

About the Author

Jerry Manukin was born in Blaine, Ohio in June of 1940. He graduated high school in 1958 and married at the age of 23. He has two adult children. Manukin enjoys bowling and writing letters.

(2022, hardback, 44 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review