I Came from Heaven: The True Story of How One Earth-Born Man Remembered His Prior Life in Heaven As an Archangel Before He Beamed Himself Into a Two-Year-Old Child Born on Earth - eBook

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I Came from Heaven

By: Michael Dorsey


About the Book

Through his writings, author Michael Dorsey strives to make readers aware of the real world and the hope of survival through faith in God Almighty. When he was only two years old, an archangel beamed himself into two-year-old Michael, and though Michael was not always aware of the archangel’s presence, the two lived together in harmony, even through the trials laid before them by Satan. I Came from Heaven shares Dorsey’s miraculous journey and personal experiences: the good, the bad, the spiritual, and the supernatural, which he hopes will inspire faith in his readers.


About the Author

Michael Dorsey is laid back in physical appearance, but he’s constantly up on Satan’s face wielding the Sword of the Spirit. He can’t stand evil and is in tune enough with the spiritual world to pick it up and detect it. He is very aware of his surroundings and is always in the moment, even though people think he’s day dreaming. Dorsey loves fishing, reading educational material, and going to church. He is trained as a brick mason and operates in word of knowledge and wisdom as God wills. He believes in giving everybody the benefit of the doubt and hopes one day that we will all enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review