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I Am My Father’s Daughter

By: Dawn DeFreeze-Carter


About the Book

I Am My Father’s Daughter is the compelling true story of author Dawn DeFreeze-Carter’s journey to find love. At a young age, Dawn’s life was forever changed by her father Donald DeFreeze’s involvement in the Hearst kidnapping, and for a long time, his absence profoundly shaped her life in ways that were not always positive. However, through it all, she was being guided by another, her Father in Heaven, who loved her all along—even when she didn’t always know it.

In sharing her story, Dawn hopes to inspire others and give them the tenacity to hope: with tragedy comes triumph.


About the Author

Dawn DeFreeze-Carter resides with her husband Elliott in Northeast Ohio. She is also an Ordained Evangelist and Teacher, as well as   the co- founder of a new outreach called ONEMISSION 53.

Dawn is currently employed in fulltime missions meeting the needs of those near her own community, and whenever possible will frequent local correctional facilities, youth groups, various organizations, as well as churches… to share her message of hope.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review