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I Am I
by James Latham

Jim is a dreamer. Yet, as an aircraft jet engineer and designer, he longs to put his tools to rest and finally be the one who soars through the sky, free as a bird. Thus begin his experiments. Hidden inside his two-car garage, he works feverishly on an aircraft unlike any other—an aircraft that can fly across the country and back in one night.

However, knowing that he cannot achieve this goal alone, he enlists the help of a welder who has a bit of a drinking problem and an electrician who can do just about anything with his tools and some wire. The three become great friends and, together, help Jim to achieve his dream.

But not everyone trusts such an aircraft. When the three men take the craft out for a flight, they’re hunted down by the authorities. Jim’s friends are arrested, but are able to buy Jim time to abscond with his masterpiece. Jim journeys beyond the sky, into space, and is guided by the stars that have been speaking to him all his life.

There, he lands on the desecrated planet Rou where the inhabitants name him their fearless leader and the bringer of peace. The E-tucs have been in the midst of a war with the power-hungry, no-mercy Repssas, but believe Jim, whom they call ‘I’, will lead them to victory. But Jim is just a human from planet Earth. He’s not meant to lead a whole alien race into battle…or is that what the stars have been trying to tell him all along?

About the Author:

James Latham was born in New Port, Rhode Island, the day after Valentine’s Day. He describes himself as a dreamer. In fact, that is exactly how I Am I was conceived. Latham had an epic dream that continued over three nights and that experience prompted him to begin this book.

Latham unabashedly admits to failing at just about everything he has done—yet he has achieved more than he could have ever imagined. He prides himself in being an open-minded man. He finds enjoyment in everything around him, particularly animals, for they are the best listeners.

Latham hopes that this book, inspired by his dreams, can be a learning tool for readers on Earth and unite them all in peace and strength. Though, he does caution that “wars are great to read, but horrendous to live.”

Latham continues to dream and reside at his home in Paris, Texas.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review