Hush! Our Brothers Are Speaking!

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Hush! Our Brothers Are Speaking!
by Margaret Marie Rose

When they read these poems, young black people who may feel forgotten and helpless can now see they are still really dealing with the lingering effects of the trans-Atlantic slave trade: too many babies, because the slave master could sell them; no education, because it was forbidden and punishable by death; more. Now they can move on from that oppression to flourish in this beautiful country as equal citizens with the help of God.

About the Author

Born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, Margaret Marie Rose has lived in Ohio since 1956 and raised her three sons there. She is certified as a full-charge bookkeeper and stenographer and works for the federal government in customer service.

For fifteen years, she was a soloist with the senior choir at her church and also served some time as the church newsletter editor. My only interest in life, Margaret Marie Rose says, My only interest in life from the moment I became saved, sanctified, Holy-Ghost filled, and fire-baptized, is being pleasing to God as a dedicated, consecrated servant. I also spend time sewing, baking, gardening, and singing.

(2010, paperback, 42 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review