How to Keep a Woman Happy

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How to Keep a Woman Happy

By: Bret A McClanahan

About the Book

Why should the Kardashians have all the fun ? We should all strive to live like Kourtney and her sisters.


Both a prequel and a sequel to his best seller ranked previously published book, How to Make a Woman Happy Bret A McClanahan adds more random adventures in How to Keep a Woman Happy.

                Range Rovers, HUMMERS, Exotic Dancers, Lesbians, Music Videos, Mexican wedding, HOOTERS, Twin Peaks, an astute confidant, a subscription to the Wall Street Journal and so much more... How do you KEEP a woman happy? Bret knows how- and Minami encouraged him to write this book to show others how to keep women happy.



About the Author


Bret A McClanahan is a 1987 graduate of The Colorado College with a BA in Fine Arts. Bret gets up before 5 AM every day and puts in a full day... always. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



(2019, paperback, 108 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review