How Murrey Saved Christmas - eBook

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How Murrey Saved Christmas

By: Jim Hammell


About the Book


When little Murrey the baby moose is separated from his parents, he sets out on his very own to find them. On his journey, he makes new reindeer friends and stays in Santa’s village. But one day, the reindeer are called for tryouts to be on Santa’s team for Christmas Eve. Finding himself alone again, Murrey continues his journey to find his parents. But when Santa’s sleigh crashes nearby, will Murrey help his new friends save Christmas? 


How Murrey Saved Christmas is a sweet holiday tale for children. With wonderful illustrations and messages of friendship and helping others, Murrey’s story is sure to become a Christmas classic for the whole family. 


About the Author


Jim Hammell was born in the early fifties and is the middle child of seven children, and grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA, before moving to rural New Jersey in his teens. He went on to join the volunteer Rescue Squad and began his career as a first responder. In the mid-eighties he became a registered nurse. In total, Hammell has nearly fifty years of service in EMS and continues to provide patient care as a registered nurse but now in a more relaxed semi-retired status. 

Hammell currently resides in Southwest Florida with his wife Dolores, where he enjoys being outdoors and playing pickleball. Together, they have a rescue dog and were blessed with five children and thirteen grandchildren.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review