History and Culture of the Boise Shoshone and Bannock Indians

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History and Culture of the Boise Shoshone and Bannock Indians
by William D. Edmo

This is an information-packed work that details the history of the Native American from the beginning. Edmo has brought this information to us in an interesting and more personal manner, having had some ancestral ties to this story of the original inhabitants of our glorious America.

The reader can feel the angst of the Native Americans in their fight for their lands and their way of life. Of course, we all know how this story ends, but William Edmo entertains us with the history, but also some tales of real people.

About the Author

William D. Edmo has a bachelor of arts degree in English/ Secondary Education and a masters in Education. He lives in Fort Hall, ID with his wife, Lucretia. He has six children: Alex, Lisa, Leslie, Eric, William Jr., and Leonard, from two previous marriages.

Mr. Edmo is a member of the National Indian Education Association, the National Association of School Superintendents, the National Council Indian Education, and the National School Board Association.

(2010, paperback, 274 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review