Hiccups and His Buddies - eBook

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Hiccups and His Buddies
by Lee Richardson

Hiccups the squirrel and his buddies love, among other things, snacks! They love getting their hands on tasty treats while on their wild adventures!

Join Hiccups, Chickensoup, Popcorn, and Dash as they discover it is okay to move out of their comfort zone and accept playmates who perhaps are shy, look different, and appear to be not as outgoing as they are, because that’s where you find the best friends you could ever imagine!

About the Author:

As a part-time vocational education teacher, Lee Richardson taught keyboarding and computer applications to adults and high school students. She was also a part-time K-12 substitute teacher for an educational agency.

Lee recently returned to school to take online courses toward a creative writing degree. She enjoys hiking, working out, reading, and animals.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review