Heralds of Joy

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Heralds of Joy
by Apple Mae Ncygnie

No matter how adverse life can be for some, there will always be a rainbow after the rain and Gods angel in disguise.

The year was 1945. The world seemed to be changing course, making history at full blast with the war here and there. A little girl remembered her unforgettable days with her Papa before he left both her and her sister for reasons the girls didnt know. They traveled from their home through France and Canada.

The sisters were led to a beautiful place, interesting and playful enough for kids like them, and were acquainted with the rest of their family. Their juvenile minds were occupied by their new experiences without the knowledge of nearing demise of their little family.

Little did they know that their father would come back home from the war, and unfortunately, died. But their father extended his love to her girls by leaving his last will for themreassuring their continuous security throughout life.

Amidst the troubles they had to go through as children, those ill-fated occurrences in their life taught them that life has to go on.

About the Author

Apple Mae Ncygnie was born in Kingson, Jamaica. She attended St. Francis All Age School and continued at Charlie Smith Comprehensive High School. Likewise, she attended Ministry of Youth and Industrial training, where she did business studies.

She is married and has three sons.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review