Healing that Liberates

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Healing that Liberates

By: Rev. Dr. Joseph Tucker

About the Book

Since the fifteenth century, African origin people and their descendents have suffered from the evil enslavement as chattel property the consequence of which has been inner life dehumanization and suppression of their wills and skin color racism that has needed inner life healing.

In this book, Rev. Dr. Joseph Tucker explores the needs of African origin people and their descendents who have suffered from the consequences of century-long enslavement. Using both biblical and scholarly references, Rev. Tucker addresses and argues not only the traces and causes, but also the path for change, which can be found within religion and God, to establish equality, justice, and freedom.

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Joseph Tucker wrote Healing that Liberates in the partial fulfillment of his degree of Doctor of Ministry. This is Rev. Tucker’s second book. His first book title was Jesus’ Strategy for Healed and Healthy Relationships: Major Emphasis in the Christian Ethical Thought of Howard Thurman and Benjamin E. Mays.Rev. Fr. Cyril O. Apassa Ed.D.

(2018, Paperback, 204 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review