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Heady's Neck

By: Carl Raines


About the Book

Carlo has lived quite the successful life. As a pharmaceutical rep, he seems to be living the perfect life with his nice house, nice car, and ever-growing career. But in his soul, Carlo is disillusioned and disgusted. After formally submitting his resignation, Carlo sells all he has from his past life and takes a job as the lead caretaker for a mountain resort for the wealthy, The Meadows.

Life at The Meadows is exactly what Carlo hopes it would be—full of hard work, meeting new people, becoming one with nature, and maybe even finding love along the way.

Heady’s Neck is a novel about love—passionate, romantic love; love of self; love of friendship and family; and finding love within.

About the Author

Carl Raines was born on a small dairy farm in Central California to Portuguese parents. After four years as a radar tech in the Air Force, he attended San Jose State University, and later, worked as a sales tech for a pharmaceutical company. After burning out from his sales tech position, he went on to become a caretaker at a private resort in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Three years later, he went on to open his own restaurant, Carlos Mexican Café in Boulder City, Nevada. Raines lives a quiet life at home now with his two cats and enjoys spending time with his two sons.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review