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He Walks Among Us: The “After” Life of Elvis Presley

by Christopher Wood

About the Book

Elvis Presley fakes his death with the help of the FBI and tries to live out his life in peace, but he knows his past and a determined private eye will catch up to him. The decision to pursue a new life takes great planning and eventually leads his new persona—Mr. Dale Gant—on a path to peace and redemption. The world is still fascinated by the King of Rock-n-Roll forty-five years after his "death." Readers of He Walks Among Us get a first-person view of what it is like to be famous, so famous that one would do anything to be normal, and learn that the price of fame is very steep indeed.

About the Author

Christopher Wood was a newspaper writer and editor before going on to a teaching career in journalism, English, and a variety of other subjects. Currently he lives on the Boise River in Garden City, Idaho, with his wife of 36 years. Their grown children, their spouses, and four grandsons also live in the Treasure Valley. In his spare time you can find Wood on the golf course or dreaming up writing ideas while walking and biking on the Boise greenbelt.

(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review