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By Buddy Moore

With his gun in his hand, David feels secure, even loved. He has decided that Brittney, a girl in his high school, is his girlfriendeven though she says shes not. She wants me to fight for her, he tells himself.

Meanwhile, the town of Malvern, Arkansas, is experiencing a crime wave: Murders or disappearances of everyone who seems to interfere with what David thinks of as true love, or to make Brittney unhappy in any way.

How many more will die before David is stopped?

About the Author

Buddy Moore, a native of Arkansas and a graduate of the Pine Bluff High School, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, has lived in Prattsville, Arkansas, since 1993. A letter carrier for the United States Postal Service, Buddy Moore is a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers.

Buddy Moore is also a member of the H&H Hunting Club and has been since 1982. He enjoys deer hunting and bass fishing, and is an ardent supporter of the Denver Broncos (football) and the Boston Red Sox (baseball).

(2010, paperback, 136 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review