Happiness is Your Responsibilty: Peggy’s Playbook of Motivational Moments

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Happiness is Your Responsibilty: Peggy’s Playbook of Motivational Moments

Happiness is Your Responsibility: Peggy’s Playbook of Motivational Moments

By: Peggy Sullivan

About the Book

All Proceeds from this book go to SheCAN!

SheCAN! is a membership-based non-profit women’s organization founded by Peggy Sullivan. SheCAN’s mission is to help women step into their power and become their best personally and professional. Focusing on the Happiness Tri-pod (chapter 25: Happiness Sits on a Tripod Stool, Positive Mindset, Personal & Professional Development, and Health & Wellness.

SheCAN! Provides women with a variety of tools, educational events, online learning, networking connections, and a supportive community all designed to help women thrive and succeed.

Started in Western New York, SheCAN! Has members throughout the country and IS developing chapters in other cities.

In writing this book, my hope is to help women that responsibility for their happiness and to help SheCAN! thrive for years to come and to continue to provide the tools, continuous learning, and support system women need to step into their light and shine brighter than before. I want all women to know they’re welcome to become members.

We all deserve to become the best version of ourselves!

Learn more and become a member at

(2021, hardback, 152 pages)

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