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Hannah’s Dreams

By: Betty Hamilton

About the Book

Hannah should never have made it anywhere in life. The only child of a single mother addicted to drugs who found herself at the mercy of her mom's sleezy boyfriends, she could have easily given up and followed the same dark path to oblivion. Instead, she worked. She worked, and she worked, and she worked. And after years of fending for herself and struggling in a world that didn't even know she existed, she persevered. She got the job of her dreams, the house of her dreams, and the man of her dreams. But there was always something missing.

Hannah never knew anything about her family. Her mother had never been much help in that regard. She knew vaguely where her mother had grown up, but that was about it. A little sleuthing reveals her mother's hometown, but instead of finding answers about her past, Hannah only finds more questions. What secrets lie in the little town in the Ozarks? What shameful events from the past will the return of a long-lost daughter bring to the surface?


About the Author

Betty Hamilton is retired, a former employee of her home state, Arkansas. She was mother to four wonderful children who have made her a grandmother to four amazing grandchildren and a great-grandmother to four incredible great-grandchildren. All are the love of her life. In addition to writing in her retirement, she is active in her community and is a fixture at local events.


 (2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review