Groaning for the Children of God - eBook

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Groaning for the Children of God

By: Howard Trotter


About the Book

Man is a spiritual being who is in need of life from God that only comes through Jesus Christ. Groaning for the Children of God is not about religion, but life, which is necessary to live as a spirit being.

Parables, shadows, and scenarios from the Word of God are reflected in this book, which delve into themes from author Howard Trotter’s first book, Man Is a Spirit. Readers will be able to use Trotter’s words to help focus on the Word of God.


About the Author

Howard Trotter was born in 1943 in rural Duck Hill, Montgomery County, MS. Like every man that comes into this world, he lost the life of God and lived according to the dictates of this world until age 37. After being resurrected to the newness of spiritual life by the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, in French Camp, MS, in 1980, he read through the Bible and received a genuine understanding of God’s creation and redemption of man the spirit. He vowed to God that year that he was going to walk out this new life and be a witness to the world. The only thing that matters to him is his vow and call as an intercessor and a minister of God’s Word.

Trotter wants his readers to know him as the resurrected spirit and not the natural man, the only one we can see.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review