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Grieving a Mother’s Loss

by Nija S. Parker


When Nija Parker lost her mother, she found herself in a very dark place. In Getting Out of the Darkness, Parker discusses in detail all the emotions she went through and choices she made through her grieving process and, more importantly, shares with readers what pulled her out of the darkness.

            Nija shares her grieving journey from the very beginning to the fresh end and most difficult moments throughout the process. No one truly understands what it is like to lose a parent until it happens to you, and Nija’s perspective and insight provide comfort and aid to those who may have recently lost a parent. The last chapter, Nija provides practical strategies to help in the grieving process as well as provide support and encouragement for those in the thick of it. Through her inspiring memoir, a lesson can be taken away: grief does not last forever; you can get out of the darkness and back into the fullness of life.


About the Author

Nija S. Parker is a kindergarten teacher and tutor to children ages four through six. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing Muay Thai, winning her first PKB in May 2021 with Inmortales MMA, Self Defense & Fitness in Wake Forest, NC., taking photos, reading, learning new skills, and spending time with her family and friends. Parker also has a special interest in learning Spanish, traveling to new countries, and learning all she can to evolve as a leader. Someday she hopes to open her own tutoring center for children.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review