Greenlight: California Prisons - eBook

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Greenlight: California Prisons

By:  Tony “Bandit” Alvarado


Greenlight: California Prisons is based on crimes, murders, and ordered hits by mobsters in the 1990s. Tony "Bandit" Alvarado became a full-fledged "Lowco" of the Lowell Street Gang in 1990 by putting in work, pushing weight, early initiation, being a regulator and an enforcer, showing loyalty within his crew, and using criminal behavior toward his enemies to gain respect. This story is based on those events.


About the Author

Tony "Bandit" Alvarado is father of four children and is also a grandfather. He loves sports and the team he loves is the Green Bay Packers. He also enjoys math, plays chess, and enjoys spending time with family and friends. He enjoys traveling and must admit he especially loves Vegas. 

Tony’s message is to simply share his thoughts and hopefully help someone who is living a hard life. Life is "ruff," as the dog days...but don't give up. Stay focused and talk about your issues. There is someone that is willing to help. 

(2021, eBook)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review