Gracy Is Just My Dog - eBook

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Gracy Is Just My Dog

By: Dr. Scott L. Crane


About the Book


Gracy Is Just My Dog is a fun picture book introducing you to Gracy, a young boy’s pet dog. Gracy is a very special dog, and her unique characteristics help you understand why!


Enjoy Gracy Is Just My Dog, a fun-filled tale accompanied by illustrations that will help remind you why a dog is a man’s best friend!


About the Author


Dr. Scott L. Crane is a retired public school administrator of 41 years, serving students in the states of Idaho and Utah. Dr. Crane enjoys playing guitar and bass in two local bands, working in his yard, traveling, and enjoying retirement. He has been married for 44 years to his best friend and counselor, Kathy Crane, creator of Kindergarten Kiosk. The Crane’s have two children and three grandchildren, and of course the princess of the house, Gracy.


(2022, eBook)




(No reviews yet) Write a Review