Gospel Songs for All Mankind

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by Satch In this collection of inspirational gospel songs, Satch explores the Christian faith. Through heartfelt lyrics, Satch addresses the fundamentals of Christianity while encouraging the fulfillment of ones duties to God. Satch brings the spiritual rewards of fulfilling ones duties to God to life through vibrant and emotional songs to which everyone can relate. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Satch was born and raised in Vossburg, Mississippi, and currently resides in Landover, Maryland. His identical twin brother, Marvis, is a gospel minister. Both work to spread the gospel, and Satch does so by writing songs. Satch worked for the U.S. Government for thirty-six years and is now retired. He has five children: Harvis Jr., Jeanette, Annie Joyce, Irma-Jean, and Barbara-Ann. (2007, saddlewire, 16 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review