Going Down the Road

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Going Down the Road             

By: Jim Armstrong


About the Book

Jim Armstrong started out following a similar path many others have walked, owning almost nothing and having expectations that matched. However his life took a different turn – different enough that he felt compelled to tell his story of challenges leading to success. Wanting our children, grandchildren and future generations to understand the circumstances that impacted their lives, Armstrong offers up his story so that they and others can learn from his experiences. In addition to being his personal memoirs, Going Down the Road outlines the beginnings and the history of JDA Software, which grew from a one man firm to a major firm to a major international technology company. It documents my transition from an unskilled laborer in the Canadian mining town of Elliot Lakes to CEO of a publicly held company in the United States. Pages within describe some of the interesting characters encountered along the journey, as well challenges and the resolution to those challenges. This includes tales of crazy bubble of the 1990’s and vibrant recollections of travels and involvement with noteworthy charitable endeavors.

“I have always felt a responsibility to tell my tale. This is it”

                                -Jim Armstrong


About the Author

Jim Armstrong’s interests include reading non-fiction based on discovery and survival, photography, fly-fishing, wood-working, piloting aircraft, travel and family. He is involved in charitable organizations, including the management and sponsorship of two foundations providing scholarships to needy and worthy students, as well as efforts addressing issues on the US/Mexico border.


(2019, hardback 426 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review